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On September 16-21, 2019, the Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics SB RAS, the MSU Faculty of Physics, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, and Irkutsk State University will be hosting Baikal Young Scientists’ International School on Fundamental Physics (BSFP-2019) in Irkutsk. The conference theme is: “Physical processes in outer and near-Earth space”.

BSFP-2019 will include the XVI Young Scientists’ Conference “Interaction of fields and radiation with matter” addressing the following themes:

  1. Astrophysics and solar physics
  2. Near-Earth space physics
  3. Diagnostics of natural inhomogeneous media and mathematical modeling
  4. Atmospheric physics


BSFP-2019 will bring together experienced and young scientists, postgraduates, and undergraduates under the age of 35.


Participation fees:


- NO participation fee;

- Free publication of the BSFP-2019 collected papers;

- Accommodation in double rooms (there is a bathroom, a shower, a fridge and a kettle in the room): 550 rubles a day per person;

- Meal is served three times a day: breakfast (100 rubles), lunch (200 rubles), and dinner (100 rubles);

- Free excursion to an ISTP SB RAS observatory;

- Lake Baikal boat tour (lunch on board): 2500 rubles


As the seating capacity is limited, please mark the corresponding items in the tab “Visiting sessions” of your personal account in advance.


Important dates


Until May 1, 2019: registration of participants, including their personal information and the topic of their report

Until June 1, 2019: submission of papers


Schedule of BSFP-2019:


September 15 - Arrival of participants

September 16-18 - Scientific meetings

September 19 - Visiting session (an observatory of ISTP SB RAS)

September 20 - Visiting session (Lake Baikal)

September 21 - Departure of participants


Participants can register and submit their papers at http://bsfp.iszf.irk.ru/en

The formatting guidelines for texts of reports can also be found on our website. The BSFP-2019 collected papers, presented in Russian Science Citation Index, will be published by the beginning of the conference.


If you have questions, please contact Irina Yakovleva:



All interested are welcome to participate in

Baikal Young Scientists' International School on Fundamental Physics!